What is Porterbrook?



The Porterbrook Learning curriculum was developed by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester, pastors and leaders in the UK, in response to the need for new gospel-centered churches to be planted, and existing churches to train Christians for gospel-centered mission and ministry in the local church. 

The Acts 29 church planting network acquired Porterbrook in 2016, and is delivered online through BibleMesh. 

The backbone of the Porterbrook Learning curriculum is a network of Learning Sites, which we at Porterbrook Ventura County are one of (there are currently 20+ Learning Sites across the globe). 


  • Accessible - designed for Christians at every level and diverse backgrounds

  • Practical - driving students to application and practice

  • Relational - enabling discipleship and mission to happen in context with local churches

  • Engaged - facilitating training that is culturally relevant

  • Flexible - adaptable to ordinary life and local training needs

  • Rigorous - deeply rooted in the Bible and the best of evangelical theology


  • Bible and Doctrine: Understanding and teaching the entire Bible

  • Character: Living and leading out of a gospel-transformed heart

  • Church: Establishing, growing and leading a community on mission

  • World: Understanding you ministry context and how to engage others with the Gospel.


The primary purpose of Porterbrook is to help you grow in your knowledge of the Bible, develop your character, help you see how you can contribute to the Kingdom of God, and grow in your capacity as a leader and disciple-maker. 
The curriculum is comprised of 20 courses, taught over two years (second year is optional, but encouraged). Each year is split into three trimesters. 

Year one

Trimester 1: Gospel Change, The Bible in Missional Perspective, Gospel Community, Evangelism
Trimester 2: Gospel Living, Understanding God's Story, Apologetics
Trimester 3: Gospel Relationships, Union with Christ, Engaging with Context

year 2

Trimester 1: Living the Cross and Resurrection, Bible Truth in Missional Perspective, Missional Church & Church Planting, Culture
Trimester 2: Pastoral Care Part 1, The Holy Spirit, Understanding Leadership, Christian Imagination
Trimester 3: Pastoral Care Part 2, Bible Teaching in Missional Perspective, Beyond the Church Plant, Evangelism and Social Action

How do I register?

If you're ready to jump in, that's awesome. We're excited to walk with you through Porterbrook. We're already praying for you as you're considering this. 
First, reserve your spot by registering using the button below. You will pay your Learning Site fee there, and then at a later date, you'll pay the curriculum fee directly to BibleMesh. 

Need more info?

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